Monday, June 3, 2013

Bringin' Back the 90's: ABC Sitcoms

For this week's 90's post I decided to focus on TV shows and their theme songs. Today I will show you three different clips from three shows that were broadcast on ABC network that I watched while growing up. There were so many sitcoms that I loved to watch. It was really hard to just pick three. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bringin' Back the 90's: LFO - Summer Girls

I was a 90's kid. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. I loved the 90's. The music, the TV shows, the clothing. Okay, maybe not the clothing. LOL. But the music and the TV shows were the best. And the concerts. I wasn't able to go to that many concerts back then. But I loved it when they would broadcast the concerts on TV. Those were the best.

In an effort to jump start my blog again (I know, I'm such a horrible blogger!), I decided to do weekly posts on the 90's, titled Bringin' Back the 90's. Every week will be different. Sometimes it might be a music video, or a TV show clip, or maybe even a flashback on kids toys.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Scrapbook Layouts of the Year

...and it's already April. I can't believe it has taken me this long to actually sit down and scrap. It took me a while to get my photos and scanned memorabilia sorted. I didn't want to finish a layout and then later find some piece that I had wanted to add. So, I finally finished three layouts today. I was on a roll. I had my music playing (thank you Pandora) and started working on my layouts. Here are the three that I finished today and the credits for the supplies. They photos are not linked to my scrapbook galleries but those haven't been updated for a while, so I've decided not to link them right now.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

23 Before 24

I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Kam at Campfire Chic, to create a list of goals to complete before my next birthday. She creates her lists around her birthday, to give herself a whole year to complete the goals. For me, my birthday is in two months. I didn't make the goals that crazy, they are somewhat attainable. Some might be challenging but that's the point of goals, right? Okay here is my list..

1. Gather supplies needed to start Project Life
2. Visit the Bell Family in Tennessee
3. Visit friend Chynna in Georgia
4. Visit a National Park or site
5. Complete 24 scrapbook layouts
6. Color entire coloring book
7. Write letter to self for 12/31/14
8. Send postcard to PostSecret
9. Tie a note to a balloon and let go
10. Lose 15 pounds
11. Complete a one-mile walk
12. Donate 98K grains of rice
13. Send 5 RAK cards to others
14. Give a $5 giftcard to a random person
15. Leave 25 comments on blogs
16. Watch 20 new movies
17. Write letter to self for age 45
18. Open an Etsy shop, list 10 items
19. Take 15 photos worthy of selling
20. Write 20 blog posts
21. Read 10 books
22. Volunteer 5 times
23. Take 5 day-trips throughout GA or FL

What do you guys think? I have about 60-ish days to complete these goals. Have you set any goals lately?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back on Track

Things have been a little crazy the last month or so with the move and all. I'm now writing this from the rural areas of southern Georgia. While I'm here, I'm in charge of a couple of kids, a puppy, and the house. I drop the kids off at daycare every morning and after that I'm free to do whatever I'd like. Other than a few household chores and taking care of the puppy, most of my time is spent watching TV or playing games on my Kindle. I'm only here for a month or two but I would love to spend my time wisely.

To get back into the swing of things, I need to map out a schedule and a to-do list. I haven't done this yet but I figured writing a blog post about it would be a great motivation. I've been doing basic chores around the house but it could still use some organization. This is one area I'd like to work on. I also want to start working on my 2013 goals as well as my 101/1001 challenge. There are a lot of tasks involved that work with both my goals and my challenge.

Let's see how much I can get done in one month. Do you have any goals or new year's resolutions that you need to work on? Or do you have any organizing to do?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Path to a Dream Vacation

In a few months, I will be traveling and temporarily moving to Georgia for six months. I am beyond excited. I've been wanting to move somewhere new for a while now and I've finally gotten the opportunity to do so. A lot of the details are still being worked on. I'm not sure which month I will be leaving. It will either be in one month or in seven months. Big difference, I know. I also am not sure how I will be getting there. I really want to drive there and be able to fulfill one of my dream vacations. Since I live in Seattle, not many miles away from the coast, and I will be moving to Georgia, again, not so many miles from the coast, I plan on having a coast-to-coast road trip. It has always been a dream of mine and I figured that I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Now, I see two problems. One, my car is technically my dad's and we have to work things out with the bank/insurance/etc to see if I can have it down there for six months. And two, the biggest problem of all, is money. As you all may, or may not, know is that I'm currently unemployed. I find out in a week whether I will be leaving sooner, or later. If it's in a month, then I'm not really sure how to fund my trip. If it's later, then I will searching harder for a job to pay for everything.

As I'm not very happy with my current living situation, I would love to be able to go sooner rather than later. But then how will I pay for my trip? It will cost at least $750 for gas and I plan on staying with friends along the way instead of hotels, but then there is still the price of food, and of course, postcards. Even if I got a job now, one month would not be long enough to come up with all the money. Especially with a low-paying minimum wage job and part-time hours. So what's a girl to do?

I've written down a list of everything that I could do.. but I just don't think it would be enough. I'm highly considered posting a donate button on my blog, in case any of you would like to help fund a dream vacation. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No Regrets

Ever since I got my Kindle for Christmas, I've been spending a lot of time at the library. Well, actually, I've been spending a lot of time on the library's website.. haha. I usually just find the books that I want online and request a hold from there. The only time I actually go to the library is just to pick up/drop off the books. One book I've been reading lately is No Regrets by Sarah Ivens. It's a cute book about "101 fabulous things to do before you're too old, married, or pregnant." I may or may not agree that they should all be on this list, but I thought I should try them all anyway. Here is the list:

1. Learn to love champagne
2. Eat french fries - without the guilt
3. Rock the microphone at Karaoke
4. Let an unsuitable man spoil you rotten
5. Throw yourself a party
6. Get thrown out of nightclub
7. Eat in a fancy restaurant by yourself
8. Buy your own jewelry
9. Have as many first kisses as your morals allow
10. Learn to cook something exceptional
11. Compete with yourself, not your girlfriends
12. Get creative with your giving
13. Listen to the warning bells
14. Finish unfinished business
15. Love your family - conventional or not
16. Explore religious teachings from a tradition you weren't raised in
17. Express gratitude
18. Be nice to your friends' love interests
19. Keep close friends close
20. Give an ex-boyfriend a second chance.. but not a third
21. Ditch toxic friends
22. Be the first to apologize
23. Hear your mom out
24. Wear your Sunday best for all occasions
25. Love your body
26. Splash out on a Burberry raincoat
27. Buy sexy underwear
28. Learn to pack well
29. Get professionally fitted for a bra
30. Learn to walk in three inch stilettos
31. Find the perfect pair of jeans
32. Show off your legs
33. Get comfy in Uggs
34. Spanx it up
35. Buy a princess dress
36. Kayak on a phosphorus lake at midnight
37. Take on a physical challenge
38. Let go of the edge of an ice rink
39. Go camping
40. Appreciate each changing season
41. Dance barefoot on the beach
42. Take a deep breath at Yosemite National Park
43. Look for shooting stars
44. Take a road trip
45. Feed stingrays
46. Go on an African Safari
47. Swim with sharks
48. Go skiing in the winter
49. Take an unforgettable train journey
50. Shop till you drop in New York City
51. Show a visitor around your hometown
52. People watch in Paris
53. Say yes to a night out with locals
54. Hit Bourbon Street - but don't wait for Mardi Gras
55. Sit still at Machu Picchu
56. Gawp at the Taj Mahal
57. Take an alternative vacation
58. Stay up all night in Las Vegas
59. Go ghost hunting in England
60. Eat too much in Italy
61. Get a vibrator
62. Spend the whole weekend in bed
63. Learn to speak the truth, even if it's painful
64. Ride a mechanical bull
65. Quit the job you hate
66. Acknowledge your own achievements
67. Laugh at yourself
68. Learn to meditate
69. Do something that scares you
70. Become a bit of a hippie
71. Date outside your type
72. Be one of the guys
73. Eat an exotic meal
74. Play hooky
75. Learn quotes from Grease
76. Read the book before you see the film
77. Keep a camera with you at all times
78. Find a mentor
79. Be a mentor
80. Learn a foreign language
81. Keep a diary
82. Embrace your naughty side
83. Dig through your dad's music collection
84. Spend time with your grandma
85. Keep old letters - and write new ones
86. Take up a hobby - just for you, just for fun
87. Rediscover "Take on Me"
88. Indulge in a great work of literature
89. Make a family tree
90. Get a smile you'll be proud to flash
91. Get mani-pedis with your mates
92. Go (completely) bare down there
93. Wear sunscreen
94. Shape your brows
95. Find the perfect red lipstick for you
96. Get contact lenses
97. Quit smoking
98. Return your hair to its childhood color
99. Learn to get a good night's sleep
100. Get lash extensions
101. Have a pro do your makeup

Now, even though you already have the list, I would still suggest to go out there and read the book. After every item, the author provides tips and true stories. My goal is to accomplish these before I'm 30, 35 at the latest. I've already completed some of these goals but I think it's the travel ones that will take the longest. Like visiting Africa. That's gonna take a lot of money haha. And since I still have a few years (like, 6!) before I'm 30, I think I will come back and provide an update of my list every year or so. Let's see how this goes. Will you try the list with me?