Monday, June 3, 2013

Bringin' Back the 90's: ABC Sitcoms

For this week's 90's post I decided to focus on TV shows and their theme songs. Today I will show you three different clips from three shows that were broadcast on ABC network that I watched while growing up. There were so many sitcoms that I loved to watch. It was really hard to just pick three. 

First, I will start with Boy Meets World.

I loved watching Boy Meets World. Like most girls, I fell for Shawn, the bad boy best friend of Cory. And also like most girls, I was jealous of Topanga and her beautiful long hair. I could watch the episodes over and over again. It definitely was one of my favorite shows back then. This show ran from 1993-2000. Next, is Full House.

I loved Full House. And still do. The Olsen twins were my idols back then. Even now, I find myself saying some of the popular quotes that the girls used to say. The most common quote is, "How Rude!" coming from the mouth of Stephanie. I also love, "You got it, dude!" Full House ran from 1987-1995. The last show that I want to talk about today is Home Improvement.

Home Improvement was awesome. Not to mention the cuteness of Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I had a crush on him as well. Tim Allen is one of my favorite actors from back in the day. He was really funny. Isn't it crazy that we never got to see the neighbor's full face? What is up with that? This show ran from 1991-1999.

So that's all for today.

Have you taken a trip down memory lane lately?

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