Monday, December 31, 2012

24 Hour Goals

Last night I make a pack with myself, and posted on Instagram, Facebook, etc, that I would complete 10 goals within 24 hours that all pertain to my 2013 goals (more on that later). I'm running out of time (15 minutes to go) so I will make this short. Here are my goals, along with the picture that shows that I completed them.

1. Blog post - the one that you are reading :]

2. Completed scrap page

3. Handmade postcard

4. Scholarship List

5. Debt List

6. Donated Rice

7. "Before" Shots

8. Spanish books

9. Trip Ideas

10. Craft Ideas

Running out of time.. ahhh so pictures coming soon! I hope you all enjoyed my 24-hour goals. I actually slept in pretty late today and then didn't get to the library until 30 minutes before closing. I actually started working on these goals about 530ish. It was crazy trying to cram in all the completions (along with photo proofs) within a few hours. But I did it. And I'm proud of myself. Now, I realize that I did a crappy job on some of them but that's okay. All of today's goals were just step 1 toward 2013. So, here we go. Happy new year everyone!